Hello from Sarah

Hi there 🙂 I am Sarah and I share my home decor inspirations, shopping finds and more here. This blog used to be written by my and my friend but she does not have time to blog here anymore. I have since transferred the entire blog over to my user name and only I will be blogging here. My friend wanted the previous posts to be deleted and I have done so. My apologies to you in case of any inconveniences caused by the same. To avoid all confusion, I thought I would introduce myself here and make sure that everyone knows that only I will be blogging here 🙂

A bit about me:

  • I am married to Joshua and I write a personal blog at http://www.sarahjoshua.wordpress.com. As I want to keep my decor posts separate, I thought I would do that on this blog Desi By Design,
  • I currently live in a rented apartment but am planning to buy an apartment soon 🙂
  • I love to sew, embroider, paint, make paper crafts and jewelry and dream about interior decor in my free time.

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