A Pretty Floral Corner in My Living Room

I love flowers in my home….in childhood I never understood why flowers cost so much to buy! During my college years, two of my friends used to buy me flowers just for fun :)Now, after marriage, my husband buys me flowers 🙂 for occasions only 😉


My husband got me these pretty lilies from a new floral shop called The Pooo Shop at Adyar, Chennai. The flowers frame  a wooden photo frame from Westside that was given o me by my boss as an engagement gift. We use the frame to hold our wedding photo :)In front, there is another framed picture of Jesus which was a  wedding gift to us given by my dad’s friend….someone who knows me since I was a baby.


My living room is currently decorated in shades of blue and the blue table runner that is on our media unit beautifully echoes the color scheme. The next photo is of an artificial flower  arrangement that my husband gave me on our first wedding anniversary 🙂 the blue flowers fog perfectly well with my living croon color scheme!


A close up of the real flowers…aren’t they lovely?


And this is how our media cabinet is decorated at the moment 🙂 the doors hide our vacuum cleaner and attachments 😉



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