Decor Dreams Blog Series + how I organize inspiration images

I love collecting inspiration pictures from the Internet – sometimes I just forget about them and sometimes I remember what I do with them and act on them 🙂

My current methods of organizing inspiring posts and images:

  • Feedly: If I find an inspirational image or blog post that I like and want to read more about – I add the blog to my feed reader. I switched over to Feedly from Google Reader and I love it! I use it on my iPhone and my iPad and of course on my laptop. I organize my feeds into Indian Decor Blogs, International Decor Blogs and Crafts and DIY.


  • Pinterest: I create virtual “pin-boards” for all of the rooms and projects I love and pin the images to them. (I try to add the source to the description so that I can credit them on this blog in future.
  • Desktop: I keep a folder on my laptop where I save inspiring images (only those that I really really like) and label them by room name and source. For example if I see an entryway idea on Apartment therapy that I like, then I save the image onto my computer as Entryway1_AT.jpg. I also have an spreadsheet on Google Drive where I enter the file name of the inspiration image in my local folder and add the URL for the image in the next column. I do this only for images that I haven’t added to Pinterest for some reason or the other. 

I want to share my favorite images from my vast collection here on this blog so that it is easier to categorize the images and make them faster to hunt down 🙂 Presenting to you the Decor Dreams series!! I will post my favorite images once in a while here and I hope you will let me know what you think of this series.

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