Quick and Easy Project: Decorated Wooden Box

Though the title of this post says “wooden” box – it doesn’t refer to the big huge sarcophagus kind of wooden box 🙂 I used a hexagonal shaped, MDF or light-weight wooden box from the craft store – Starmark book shop in Express Avenue Mall, Chennai. 

I initially went to the craft shop to look for something to gift our friends and family as a sort of return gift for our wedding anniversary (more on that project later). I saw a simple hexagonal MDF box and got distracted!

Note: You can buy the same box on the Craftslane website here. My box is the Hexagonal – Large box (Size: 6″ x 5″ x 6″).


[Image from the Craftslane website - In my eagerness to start on the project, I forgot to take a pic of the box before I started decorating it!]

I thought I would paint about 6 of these boxes in geometric designs and gift them to friends – but the store didn’t have that many boxes in stock at that time 😦 I still believed I should buy atleast one box and get down to painting it sometime and so I bought it along with a tube of gold acrylic paint. It sat on my craft table for a long time and I almost forgot about it.

One fine Saturday, I was suddenly possessed by the urge to “make” something! My eyes rested on the MDF box and I decided that decorating it would be the project of the day 🙂 I was still not convinced about painting the box and I was certainly not convinced about the gold paint. So I fished out my box of stickers and washi tapes from my craft stash and tried to think about what I wanted to use. As my living room accessories are currently in bright blue – I decided to stick to a bright blue theme for the box along with neutrals  like black, white and grey.

I used three washi tapes and you can see them in the following photo. A grey and white triangular patterned one, a musical notes patterned tape (as my hubby loves music and he loves to sing) and a bright blue quatrefoil tape with a morrocan vibe.


After wiping the box with a dry cloth and ensuring that it was clean, I decided to stick the tapes on the lid first, starting at the middle and moving to the ends. I just stuck down strips of washi tape that I cut with scissors – I didn’t follow the shape of the lid…I just stuck down the tape. After I covered the entire lid, I used an exacto knife to cut away the excess washi tape.

Then I moved to the base of the box. Used the same washi tapes and stuck them down in the same order as the lid. I made sure that all the tape ends on each row of washi tape were joined at the same corner – in order to avoid strips of washi tape peeling off here and there.

I covered the entire box with the tape, all the way up to the “lip” of the box. At the top, I just folded over the washi tape onto the lip. [ To avoid making the tape too bulky wherever it is folded at the 6 corners, I cut notches in the tape first and then folded down one section (the part from one corner to another) at a time.]


Hope you liked the finished box! It now sits on my T.V cabinet and is used to stash small odds and ends like batteries there.

P.S: I hope my loose instructions made sense! You can duplicate this project on plain paper boxes, cardboard boxes, glass bottles and vases 🙂 The sky is the limit!

Do let me know what you think of this quick project 🙂


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