Decor Dreams: Welcoming Entryways

If you are an apartment dweller like me, you would probably have noticed that once you’re inside the main door – you are inside the living room and that’s that. Very often, apartment dwellers are forced to skimp on the entryway due to the following problems:

  • No available foyer or entry space in the floor plan
  • Small living room and small apartment size – no sq ft of space can be wasted in decorative objects that have no real use.
  • No need for a designated entryway – just get inside the door and dump bags onto sofa 🙂

Whenever I’ve been thinking about my future dream house – I end up confused right away.

  • Should I have a separate passage or corner to use as an entryway (or mudroom as it is referred to outside India)?


  • Should I just skip the whole idea and dump a closed shoe rack outside my door?

I have been collecting inspiration images of entryways that I liked – from Indian homes as well as International homes. Here are my favorites along with some ideas that I think can be easily adapted by anyone else 🙂

Console table as landing spot – from Design Sponge. Kristin Kerr Luber’s Chicago apartment.

[Image taken from Design Sponge here.]

Small entryway ideas from Nook and Sea

[Image from Nook and Sea taken from here.]

Entryway Idea from Removeandreplace

[Image from Removeandreplace taken from here.]

Entryway image from Pinterest

[Image found on Pinterest - unfortunately I could not find the source]
So which inspiration image did you like the most?? What is your dream entryway like? Please do share in the comments...
All images in this post are property of their owners. I do not hold any rights to them. They are taken from blogs that I admire and sites that I read. I do not make any profits out of sharing these images.

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