Decor Dreams: My Dream IKEA Living Room

It is no secret that I enjoy drooling at beautiful apartment pictures on sites like Apartment Therapy, Design Sponge etc…But recently my obsession has been taken to new heights. In one word = IKEA. Oh why oh why don’t we have an IKEA in Chennai or India for that matter???

I’ve been seeing many IKEA hacks pop up on Pinterest and on innumerable DIY or home decor blogs and that’s driving me crazy! I really wish I lived near an IKEA ๐Ÿ™‚ There is only one solution for this madness – to gawk at their website and dream my own dream IKEA Living Room.

The IKEA website refers to this look as Urban Rustic Tranquility and I think that it is very much a summary of my style of decor. Though I love brightly colored Indian homes and decor, there is some small part of me that likes all white rooms and Scandinavian furniture.

My dream IKEA filled living room

I would really love to style my living room like this.

What are my favorites in the room, you ask? I just love this room! It feels so relaxed and comfortable to me. What I would do to have a lovely reading corner like this with the rocking chair!!

  • The Minty green FABRIKOR glass door cabinet ($ 179): I just love this shade of green and this quaint little cabinet could be filled with my favorite antique soup mug collection or some cute brass figurines.
  • The VARMDO Rocking chair ($ 129) : Books + comfy cushion + rocking chair = Perfect reading corner! Enough said ๐Ÿ™‚
  • The FRODE Folding chair ($39.99): If you have grown up in India like me, then you would have seen this kind of folding chair in schools, churches, shops, homes – literally everywhere. I love this chair just for the sentimental and nostalgic feeling of my childhood.
  • The HEMNES coffee table ($119): A sturdy coffee table with clean lines. ย The flat table top will look gorgeous with a tray of knick knacks and a small bud vase with a rose. I could use the lower shelf for storing my lovely coffee-table books on decor too!
  • The RASKOG Wall Cabinet ($69): This wall cabinet reminds me of my mother’s paternal home in Kerala for some reason – maybe because it feels like a lovely cubby hole where I can stash ย my favorite books ๐Ÿ™‚

What did you like about this room? Are you an IKEA drooler like me?


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