Turn Your Photos Into Watercolor Art using the Waterlogue App

During the last week, I saw that many of my favorite home decor and DIY bloggers were raving about a new app – Waterlogue. I could not resist downloading this app on my iPhone and after seeing it in action, I cannot resist not telling you about it.

All About Waterlogue

Waterlogue is an iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch app that marvellously transforms your photos into watercolor art! The Waterlogue app is a collaboration between John Balestrieri and Robert Clair and it is published and supported by Tinrocket, LLC.

See some of my Waterlogue pics:

My husband's home

Brick walled home

Waterlogue-d Selfie

Waterlogue-d Selfie

Bright Red Flower. Painted in Waterlogue

Bright Red Flower. Painted in Waterlogue

Vintage Automotive Art - using the "Bold" setting

Vintage Automotive Art – using the “Bold” setting in Waterlogue

Vintage Automotive Art - using the "It's Technical" setting in Waterlogue

Vintage Automotive Art – using the “It’s Technical” setting in Waterlogue

As you can see, some photos are better suited for water coloring. My selfie is quite blurry in watercolor and my eyes look strange but the vintage car watercolors look awesome and like “real” art. I love the red flowers watercolor and I think I should play around more with the app soon.I will try out more types of images with this app and then I’ll post a tutorial in detail.

Settings that I love:

  • I use the default “Natural” setting most often. It gives me sweet, incredibly hand-painted looking watercolor masterpieces
  • I love to use the “It’s Technical” setting to get a crisp line drawing effect.
  • The “Color bloom” setting is like extra volume for your music – makes pictures of flowers thump!! 🙂
  • The “Travelogue” setting lends an old-worldly watercolor feel to your image. Something like an old Polaroid photo.

Some Ideas to use Waterlogue

Use Waterlogue to make Homemade Watercolor Art that you can frame.

You could easily use this app to create meaningful, theme based art walls (gallery walls). So first, pick a theme like landscapes for example. Then transform all the landscape photos you have (yes! I’m talking about the photos of lakes, scenery and landscapes that you have accumulated over numerous vacations past!).
Hot tip: Use the “Travelogue” filter setting to give your landscape photos an aged, industrial vintage look.

Make wrapping paper or print fabric using Spoonflower

Transform photos of flowers, animals or birds into a pattern or motif that you can upload to Spoonflower.com. Get your pattern printed on wrapping paper and use it to cover your books, boxes and old tin cans = Instant decor accessories. Take it one level higher and get fabric printed with your patterns. It would be lovely if you have woodland, pastel or romantic themed home decor. Think about how lovely quilts, cushions and pillowcases would look with your lovely watercolors on them.

Use printed motifs in Decoupage

A watercolor printout + Mod Podge + wooden furniture or boxes = match made in heaven. Print out you favorite watercolor and cut out interesting motifs from it. Mod Podge it to drawer fronts, cabinet doors, trays or storage boxes.

Use it to make personalised stationery

Love to send snail mail? How luxurious would it be to have your own stationery set printed with watercolor motifs? Use your watercolor images in Photoshop or Publisher and design your own note cards, letter paper, envelopes and greeting cards with it.
Even more adventurous? Put your watercolors on your business card 🙂 Moo.com prints lovely business cards of good quality.

The Verdict

I think Waterlogue is simply genius! For Rs.170 (I think it is $ 2.99 in the USA), you can create lovely, unique and artistic art that you can use in so so many ways.

Want to read more about Waterlogue?? Check out what these bloggers have to say about it:

Share Your Waterlogue Awesomeness!!

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Or leave a comment right here 🙂

Note: I’m not being paid by Waterlogue for this post, I just really really love this app and wanted to share it with you.


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