DIY Kolu Padi Projects – A link round up

I had written a post earlier about Divya’s Kolu themes and decor last year and I find that it has been one of the most popular topics in this little blog of mine 🙂 I still get few requests asking for Kolu ideas and pics 😉

Divya’s Kolu Steps

This year I will not have the opportunity to visit any of my friends homes and share their Kolu decor as I am not in India but I still wanted to do my bit online – by sharing some links to lovely blogs on how to make Kolu steps or padi on your own.

Do you want to build your Kolu steps on your own this year and want to be able to store it later? Look no further as Woodooz have you covered. This well-written and instructive Indian woodworking and DIY blog has a whole series on how to build your own Kolu padi (steps) with 5 steps.

And for those who live outside India and have access to home improvement and DIY stores such as Lowe’s or Home Depot – here is another blog to help you. Thinking Wood has a detailed post with pictures about building an easy set of Kolu Steps. For a more detailed post for NRIs, check out this post by Love & Lentils blog on building a 7 step Kolu Padi.


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