Renter Friendly DIY Decor

After two years of living in rented apartments, I have realized that reading Decor blogs will mostly cause me disappointment. You see beautiful homes and spaces that have been completely transformed into dreamy, resort-like perfectness using the power of paint, beautiful flooring, built-in storage, shiny lighting fixtures and adorned with designer furniture. This just leads you to feel inadequate about the options available to you, as a renter, to decorate your space.

My husband, Joshua and I have gone through many phases of the “to decorate or not to decorate” dilemma. When we were in Chennai, we bought expensive furniture and tried to match everything 🙂 Rookie mistake – I know. When we were in Charlotte, we got fed up with cross-continental moving and gave up on decorating our space in any way. We lived in a small studio so there was not much we could do anyway. Now in Atlanta, we have kind of reached a consensus and plan to make an effort to do some decoration in our two-bedroom apartment that is:

  1. Cheap and affordable – no sense in shelling out the big bucks for an apartment that we might live in for a year or two at the most.
  2. DIY – I have the time and interest to make small home decor accessories and projects around the house.
  3. Removable or disposable – We don’t want to make any drastic changes to the apartment or do anything that we can’t take down or get rid of.

What about you? What is your interior decor philosophy when it comes to a rental apartment or home? Decorate or not?

I would love to hear your thoughts on this as well as suggestions about renter-friendly decor projects that we can do without spending too much money.


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