A temporary but colorful kitchen cabinet tweak

Our new apartment has a lovely kitchen space – it is like a galley kitchen – two rows of counter tops and cabinets parallel to each other. The only gripe I have with my new kitchen is that it is white – ALL white. And if you are someone who cooks a lot of Indian food with turmeric and spices – you know what a nightmare it is to keep clean and shiny.

A white kitchen however is cool and refreshing to the eyes. In the past, I would try to stick to a color scheme when decorating my apartment but always messed up the colors in the end. I would buy kitchen tools in different colors – people would gift me things in different colors and that was the end of my color scheme. End result = chaotic and definitely not Pinterest worthy 🙂

Without further ado, here’s my kitchen as on “moving-in” day. Plain.white.shelves.

White Shelves

My future spice cabinet

More white shelves

Still haven’t figured out what to put in these shelves 🙂

I have the microwave, stove, oven and fridge on the left side and the dishwasher and sink on the opposite side. The tall cupboard near the doorway that you see in the second picture is the pantry cupboard. There is an opening on the right into the living and dining area. The raised counter top can be used as a breakfast bar if you have some bar stools but we won’t be using it that way.

image image

There are tons of adhesive decorations available like contact paper, vinyl decals, shelf paper, removable wallpaper or washi tape. I chose washi tape for this makeover of my kitchen cabinets as it is easy to apply and remove, affordable and can be changed anytime.

I lined just the edges of the shelves with colorful washi tape, for some brightness in an otherwise neutral white kitchen.

washi tape shelves

Stick washi tape on the edges of your shelves especially when you have open shelves or have glass doors on your cabinets like me.

Washi tape shelves from a distance

This is how the tape looks from the living room. Just a small pop of color in an all-neutral space.

Scotch brand washi tape

I used Scotch brand washi tape

Josh and I finished lining 14 shelves in less than 15 minutes! Such a quick and easy project to do 🙂 And the tape cost me only $2.99 and I still have most of the roll left.

What do you think of this tweak? Have you done anything similar? Do share your projects in the comments.


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