Guest bathroom sneak peek

I actually didn’t expect to finish decorating this space so early as my priority was to finish our master bathroom first before starting anything else. But, what do you know – I’ve almost finished this space…Just have to pick out some new towels for the guest bath and I also need a small floor mat for the front of the bathtub.

I already had the shower curtain from our previous apartment. Josh picked it up from Walmart and though it is more masculine looking than I would like it to šŸ™‚ I decided to re-use it in the guest bath. For finishing touches, we added the floor mats that are warm and fluffy especially since we have stone tile flooring here and it is SO cold in the winters. We also picked a brownish-pink colored hand soap to go with all the browns – OCD much? It is the Warm Vanilla Sugar gentle foaming hand wash soap from Bath & Bodyworks and it smells so delicious!

guest bathroom

Guest bathroom

Coming to the main point of this post – I had picked up another roll of Scotch brand washi tape from Target for $2.99 when I had bought the roll for my kitchen shelves. I felt that the guest bathroom was so plain and lacking color apart from the shower curtain so I got my scissors and started sticking the washi tape on the bathroom cabinet. At first I just put three vertical stripes at the sides and center of the cabinet. I could have stopped with that – but you know me šŸ˜‰ I finally ended up putting a washi tape border around the trim detailing on the cabinet doors.

Washi tape design

Blue washi tape on the bathroom cabinet

Scotch brand washi tape

I used this pretty blue Scotch brand washi tape with a sort of light chevron pattern.

What do you think about the washi tape pattern on the cabinet doors? Is it an overdose of blue? Do you have a better pattern in mind?


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