About me


I’m Sarah and I welcome you to my little corner in the Internet. I love art, design and decor and I have been a hoarder of Interior design mags from my school days and a lurker on interior design websites and blogs more recently. I have a big list of favorite blogs that I will share sometime!

I was born in Chennai, India but have origins from Kerala. I love anything handmade, I thrive on color and I love to share things that interest me -hence this blog. I am an Apartment Therapy fan, A Young House Love fan and I read tons of design blogs -both Indian and International. I write a personal blog about my house, my family etc here: http://sarahjoshua.wordpress.com/

Are you a passionate artist, a DIYer or do you love interior decor as much as I do? Email me at sgracej@gmail.com and I will feature you in a blog post and showcase your passions. Please send me pictures of your crafts, your beautiful homes and anything else that you find inspiring.


I am not affiliated with any shops or companies and I am not paid to feature their products. I write about things that interest me and feature people whose work I love.

All images are copyrighted to the original authors and I will credit them to the original soure. You may use pictures that I have taken on the condition that you credit them to me (do link back to this blog).


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